Nintendo Switch Basic Information

Today is the day every Nintendo fans has been waiting for. Last October 20, Nintendo announced that it will release more details about its next console. This has been the day chosen by the company to unveil all the details of the new Nintendo Switch, a console that points to be Nintendo’s next generation console thanks to its new home format combined with mobile portability. It is both a portable gaming console and a home console.

Price and Availability

The Nintendo Switch will go on sale next March 3 in Japan, the United States, Canada and major European countries at a price of 299.99 dollars (although Nintendo in Europe does not give the official price). In some stores, you can already make a reservation.

Starting in the fall of 2017, you will have to pay a monthly subscription to play online, as it does with other consoles. The price will be announced later. The good news is that this payment will be a kind of subscription that will allow you to download games from NES, Super NES, and games created exclusively for the online service of the Nintendo Switch, which will be added every month.
With the Nintendo Switch, if you want to play online you will have to pay subscription. An attractive point is that the Nintendo Switch will not have block by region, so both hardware and software can be used anywhere in the world without any restrictions.

What are include the box?

In addition to the console, the Nintendo Switch will include the two Joy-Con controls, the Dock for the Switch that will allow you to connect it to the TV, a Joy-Con Grip to hold the console in handheld mode, its charger, HDMI, and two straps for the controls.

There will be two versions for sale of Nintendo Switch, where the only difference will be the color of the Joy-Con, one will come with both controls in black, and another with a red and a blue.

In addition to the components that come included in the basic pack, Nintendo will offer several additional accessories, such as extra controls that you can buy if you are interested in the local multiplayer. The official accessories available at the launch are the following, with the official prices:

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, more traditional look controller: $ 69.99.
Additional Joy-con controls (two pack): $ 79.99.
Command Joy-con (single unit): $ 49.99.
Refill station: $ 29.99.
Additional dock (which also comes with the console): $ 89.99.
Steering wheels (two pack): $ 14.99.