Apps That Can Speed Up Android Smartphones

Everyone loves speed when it comes to managing their Android phones. A common problem that plagues most Android users is that their phones start hanging up soon. Many low budget Android phones have 1GB of RAM, which is not much when it comes to handling different tasks.

To keep your Android healthy and fast, you need to install a good third-party utility software. The utility software should be able to clear cache, cookies, RAM and unnecessary files. These simple things can improve the speed of your Android to a great extent. Here are some of the apps to speed up your Android:

Clean Master

It is one of the most reliable software available in the market of Google. Helps speed up and clean your phone. In addition, it offers real-time protection.

• Accelerate, clean and protect your phone with the antivirus engine.
• Unique features like AppLock, Duplicate Remover, and Garbage Cleanup.
• You can also speed up the CPU by reducing background applications.
• Helps increase game speed by 30 percent.

• Keeps notifying problems Notifies users of a number of things that users may not need.
• Clean Master can sometimes exaggerate a problem.

Assistant for Android

It is one of the most powerful software available on the market today. It has a great management tool to improve the performance of the phone.

• There are almost 18 functions
• It monitors the status of SPU, RAM, ROM, SD card and battery.
• Provides greater control with various functions like power saving, file manager, batch uninstallation and much more.

• Still running in the background with effect on the battery.
• Annoying advertisements can make navigation difficult.


This handy app is also ideal for those who are looking to increase their music experience. As the name implies, it is ideal if you want to improve the basic sound quality. It is also a popular app for iPads and iPhones.

• Clears cache, cookies, logs, unnecessary files and unused applications with a few touches.
• One-touch pulse function.
• It can make transferring files easier with the computer.


• It focuses more on performance improvement, therefore it does not have many useful features.
• There is no state monitoring in real time.

Booster for Android

It is a great application for boosting and saving the battery. The software is compact and completely free of ads with unique features like the automatic closing of applications in the background, and much more.

• Navigation is easy.
• Quickly free the phone memory and increase available memory space.
• It detects battery status in real time and also the usage time that allows you to optimize the battery life of the phone.
• No advertising inserted.
• Constantly notify to perform optimization.

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