Some Practices To Optimize Smartphone Batteries

One of the things that worry the user of mobile phones is the battery. Imagine being in the middle of an important phone conversation then your phone ran out of juice. The current models of Smartphones have many functions and offer endless possibilities to the user but often consumers encounter the problem of battery life. Nowadays, you are already lucky if your smartphone will last your day’s shift after hours of moderate to heavy use.

In this post, we show you some tips to optimize the mobile battery and save as much energy as possible, regardless of the model of phone you have.
Here are some of the tips that will be very useful to maximize the battery charge on your smartphone:

Proper Charging of Batteries

During the first charging cycles, the battery will optimize its operation and lengthen its duration. The batteries of the current mobile phones do not need to be charged for many hours in the first few cycles. Lithium batteries with about 3 hours of charge are enough for the first cycle. Carry it until it appears complete and after several loads, you will see how it increases its duration.

Once the battery fully charged notification appears, unplug the phone from the charger because keeping the phone plugged in is detrimental to the battery. It could cause an overload and thus reduce its useful life.

As much as possible, use OEM charger and cable. If it is unavoidable that you use third party chargers, make sure that the charger is of good quality and has the security features of an OEM charger. Cheap USB chargers may not have the proper voltage, don’t have security features such as surge, overheating and overloading protection. It’s not only the Samsung Galaxy or iPhones that have the potential to burn or explode. All lithium batteries have the potential to cause a fire or burn so it is best to make sure that the chargers you use are safe.

Manage Battery Use and Applications Properly

As much as possible, avoid letting the battery remain inactive for extended periods of time.
Close applications especially the ones that use a lot of resources if not in use. Aside from applications, hardware or components such as WiFi, dynamic backgrounds, GPS, or Bluetooth consume a lot of battery. Use only those if you really need them.

Keep the Battery in Good Physical Condition and Environment

Keep the battery and the contact areas free from dust and dirt. Regularly clean the battery and the phone itself. Do not expose the battery to extreme heat and cold conditions because it may damage the battery.

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